Relax, We've Got Your Premium Memberships Covered

FeePod makes management of premium memberships simple. It's the turnkey system used by online communities to charge a premium for content or features. For purchasers, it's an independent service that ensures you get what you paid for and can easily manage your account.

A Good Middleman, Really :)

FeePod acts like a middleman, and that has benefits for both the sites offering premium memberships and the people purchasing from them. FeePod processes the transactions and ensures that premium features are granted and removed automatically.
PCI Compliance
Transaction security is important. FeePod utilizes a PCI-compliant service to protect all consumer transaction data.
Automatic Access
FeePod saves sites time and effort and gives purchasers instant satisfaction by automatically enabling premium features the second a purchase is made (and by automatically removing access when premium memberships are canceled).
Easy To Manage
For purchasers, we make it easy for you to manage your premium membership account. You can update your credit card info or cancel your account anytime online, via the website where you purchased the premium membership.

For sites, you configure your own premium features and set your own rates.
Middleman Good!

Rest Assured

The company behind FeePod is Social Strata, which has been in business over 15 years and has served hundreds of thousands of online communities, as well as millions of consumers.
Easy to Customize
No Setup Fees For Sites
For sites using FeePod, there are never any setup costs.
Sites Never Access Credit Card Information
FeePod handles all transactions associated with the premium memberships. The websites offering the premium memberships never see or access purchaser credit card information. And, as stated above, all credit card information is stored using a PCI-compliant service.
Great Support
If you are a site using FeePod or a person who has a premium membership on a website using our service, you can get assistance anytime on our support site.