Benefits For Consumers

FeePod helps to protect your interests in many ways, if you are purchasing a premium membership from a site using our service.
Consumer Benefits
Safe, Secure Transactions
Most online communities have little experience processing online subscriptions. With FeePod, you can rest assured knowing that we focus on ensuring safe and secure transactions. The transactions occur on our site, not the subscription site, so the subscription site never even has access to your payment information. We also use a PCI-compliant service for maximum security of your data.
Instant Access
When you pay for premium subscription, you will have the premium features instantly. The site never has to lift a finger, because we automatically grant you the access permissions associated with the premium subscription. We can do this because FeePod is integrated with the online community platform that the site is using.
Easy To Manage Your Subscription
With some services, you have to jump through hoops to do simple things like update a credit card or cancel. Not so with FeePod. You can manage your premium membership ANYTIME on your own. You do not have to call or email anyone. Just visit the website where you have the subscription and go to: Manage > Your Account > Premium Membership.
Awesome Support
If you ever have any questions, please visit our online support site anytime, where will gladly assist you.

Benefits For Sites

FeePod offers many benefits for sites interested in earning revenue from premium memberships.
No Merchant Account Required
FeePod handles all transactions, so you do not need your own merchant account. Note that if you prefer to use your own merchant account, you can, depending on your service plan.
Easy To Manage
No programming required to set your own premium features and/or premium content. You can also set your own premium membership fee. You'll never have to grant or remove permissions for subscribers; FeePod does that for you automatically.
Simple Cost Structure
FeePod charges a percentage of the premium membership fees and passes along the remainder to you each month.
Comped Accounts and Coupons
You can issue complimentary premium membership accounts and/or discount coupons.
To encourage more premium memberships on your site, you can upload your own badge image, which will be displayed for each of your premium subscribers on your site.
FeePod Settings

Exclusively For Social Strata's Community Platforms

FeePod is available exclusively with Social Strata's platform.

If you are purchasing a premium membership via FeePod, it means that the site is using one of our online community services, which have a built-in integration with FeePod. This allows us to completely automate the premium subscription for these sites.